The Anaheim Cops 4 Kids Karate Program has been in existence for over ten years. It started in an attempt to bring the community and the police in Anaheim together in order to build a rapport, trust, and mutual understanding between the two parties. The original goal was to keep children out of gangs and away from drugs by combining the force of the police with volunteers from the community. At the beginning, the program contained approximately 20 students all children. Since then it has expanded tremendously to approximately 80 to 90 students. C4K volunteers through the years began to realize that without the help of the family, it was extremely difficult to accomplish our goals. As a result, C4K karate is open not only for children but for parents as well.

The Program was intended to give families with nominal means of income an opportunity to study the martial arts for a nominal fee. This fee includes membership with C4K and membership with the Downtown Youth Center. Attendance is required to remain in the program, and all uniforms, belts, and patches are earned by the students.

The martial arts program is composed of elements from many styles of martial arts. The main three styles are Soo Bahk Do (Tang Soo Do), Northern Shao Lin Kung Fu, and Aikido. Because there are so many arts from various cultures, English is used for the ease of instruction. The C4K karate program has two instructors currently and as a result, attendance into the program has been limited to no more than 80 students until more instructors are found. Anyone who is interested in volunteering, preferably with a martial arts background, please contact us.