The Anaheim Police Activities League (APAL) and Cops 4 Kids (C4K) was established to serve all children between the ages of 6 and 17 who live in or attend school in Anaheim.

APAL aims to establish positive relationships among youth, police and the community at large. APAL’s goals are to provide alternatives to gangs, drugs and other criminal activities through a vast array of programs. In particular APAL provides a variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities for the youth of Anaheim. These diverse programs help youth develop a positive self image and successful interpersonal skills which will encourage them to stay in school and play a constructive role in the community.

APAL programs also offer an opportunity for police and community volunteers to invest their time, expertise and energy in young people who will appreciate and benefit from their caring. To ensure that all members, volunteers and staff are safe and not intimidated by other youth while participating in any APAL activities, all staff, volunteer and members shall obey the rules and laws set forth in this Operation Manual. To ensure that the discipline that is imposed upon any member is fair and balanced, APAL staff shall use the Discipline Guidelines section set forth in this Operation Manual as a guide to assist them with disciplinary issues.

Mission Statement

Cops 4 Kids is dedicated to developing the foundational qualities of respect, responsibility, and discipline by providing structured programs that foster a positive relationship between police and youth.

Specifically, to accomplish this mission, APAL will:

  • Develop, implement and sponsor programs that will encourage participation by youth from ages 6 through 17, regardless of sex, creed, color, or race.
  • Provide and obtain the equipment and facilities where these programs may be carried out as structured activities under staff and volunteer instructors of the APAL.
  • Solicit support from all members of the community and appropriate government agencies, with special emphasis on parent support, police participation, and other positive role models.
  • Raise the funds that are needed to carry out APAL programs and activities.
  • Cooperate with other agencies that serve the youth of Anaheim.
  • Provide the necessary organization and staff to accomplish APAL’s mission.

In this context the Anaheim Police Activities League will act as an adjunct to the Anaheim Police Department, drawing on it of counsel, support, and staffing.


  • To instill in youth a respect and understanding for law enforcement officers and for the laws they uphold.
  • To assist youth in developing positive self-esteem by providing them with skills to help them stay in school.
  • To involve police, parents and community volunteers in a personal commitment of time and energy to the youth of the community.